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  • Residents can effortlessly and instantly submit issues directly to management.
  • Management can easily track issues and automatically update Residents.
  • Automated notifications to the Board if Management fails to address issues in a timely matter.
  • Property Management and Board can send one-on-one or mass notifications to residents.

OverSite is designed for…


Residents will experience a more responsive, better run, and happier living environment.

Sleep easy

You can sleep easy knowing that management is on-top of your issue. No more phone tag or wondering when an issue will be fixed.

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Management's administrative duties and communications are streamlined making issues easier to track and tackle.

Keep your building running smoothly

OverSite frees up more of your time, so that you can focus on correcting problems quickly and efficiently.

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The Board

The Board is kept in the loop when things don't go to plan, rather than facing unexpected complaints from frustrated residents.

Hold management accountable

You can view and track all issues, actions and communications. You're notified automatically if something goes awry.

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How it works

  • Connector.

    An issue is submitted

    A resident goes to OverSite, enters their provided building ID and the details of their issue.

  • Connector.

    Property Management is notified

    Property management instantly gets an email notification with a summary of the issue. With one-click, management can confirm they have recieved the issue, automatically updating the resident via email.
    *If management does not verify that they have received the issue within a set period of time, the board is automatically notified.

  • Connector.

    Residents are kept in the know from start to finish

    Automated updates are sent to the resident when management changes the status of their ticket to either recieved, in progress or complete. If clarifications or updates are required, residents and management can communicate by logging on to OverSite and adding a comment.

Not just for issue tracking - Improved communication

the management and board can also use OverSite to send out notifications to some or all of their residents.

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What do our customers have to say?

“Since implementing OverSite three months ago, the number of complaints our board has recieved dropped substantially!” Mr. Spakos
“OverSite has cut down on our administrative tasks which freed up more time for us to address issues.” Mrs. Novic
“Our residents love the simplicity. Our property manager can’t believe the amount of time it has saved her.”Mr. Singh
“After trialing OverSite on one of my properties for a month, it was a no-brainer for my other five buildings. Such a great tool!”Mr. Curtis

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Track issues. Make Property Management Accountable. Keep Residents Happy.

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