Is your management on top of it?

Stay informed with a property management accountability system.

OverSite ensures property managers are held accountable.

Benefits for Boards

Be the first to know

Our system notifies you if your property manager doesn’t respond to your residents requests in a timely manner. Reduce unexpected complaints from residents.

Communication system

Send and manage email notifications to individuals, groups or to your entire building!

Accountability & Transparency

You have access to all communications and actions, past and present, between management and residents; If a dispute arises, your board will have a record of events.

Resident satisfaction

OverSite keeps residents in-the-loop so they feel attended to and know their issue is being handled.

Feedback we’ve recieved from Boards

“Since implementing OverSite three months ago, the number of complaints our board has recieved dropped substantially!” Mr. Spakos
“Our residents love the simplicity. Our property manager can’t believe the amount of time it has saved her.”Mr. Singh

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Track issues. Make Management Accountable. Keep Residents Happy.

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