Issues with your property should be the last thing on your mind.

OverSite makes it easy for you to report issues.
We hold management accountable,
so you don’t have to.

How it Works

  • Connector.

    Enter your property ID

    Once your building deploys OverSite, you will be provided with a property ID.

  • Connector.

    Enter the details of your issue

    The form is simple and takes just seconds to complete.

  • Connector.

    Click to submit

    Your issue is instantly sent to management.

How is Management held accountable?

  • Once you submit your ticket, management must acknowledge your issue within a set time otherwise The Board is notified automatically.
  • A permanent record of every issue and interaction is kept, holding management to a higher standard.
  • Automated notifications are sent to you when; management recieves your issue, takes action, and when the issue has been resolved. Keeping you in the know.

Share OverSite with your buildings board today

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